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  1. An analysis of a certain commodity market reveals that the demand and the supply functions are given by D=c-dP and S=a+bP+q sin⁡βt, where a, b, c, d, q, and β are positive constants. Determine P(t) and analyze its behavior as t increases.

  2. Hi could i get the answer to

    1)Nickel oxide crystallizes in the NaCl type of cystal structure. The length of an edge of the unit cell of NiO is 4.18A. What is the NiO bond length? Assuming the anions touch along the face diagonal, what is the radious of an O2- anion? what is the approximate radius of the Ni2+ ion? …

    2) A certain dorm of silver iodide adopts the zinc blende structure. The density of the salt is 5.69 g/cm3. Calculate the length of a side of the unit cell. Calculate an approximate distance between the silver cations and iodide anions in the structure.

    Please Email to: [email protected]

  3. A block is released from rest and slides down an incline. The coefficient of sliding friction is 0.38 and the angle of inclination is 60.0°. Use energy considerations to find how fast the block is sliding after it has traveled a distance of 30.0 cm along the incline.

  4. Can you send me answer for this.

    Basic cost system, journal entries, financial statements. The post closing trial balance of hokie manufacturing co

  5. Help me get the answers for this question please, and Thank You so much for your kindness.

    The surface of a 0.1 % C steel gear is to be hardened by carburizing. in gas carburizing, the steel, gears are placed in an atmosphere that provides 1.2% C at the surface of the steel at high temperature. Carbon then diffuses from the surface into the steel. For optimum properties. The steel must contain 0.045% C at a depth of 0.2 cm below the surface. Using the data in Table 5.2. design a carburizing treatment that will produce these optimum properties. Assume that the temperature is at least 900 degree C) so that the iron has the FCC structure.

  6. Tried the first & last emails (Alla… & Daelen…) & Both gave me the errors “Email and password do not match.” Kindly help me, dear admin(s). Also, i’ve posted a few questions less than 10 minutes ago. Please do help me out. I’m in urgent need of help in the assignment

  7. The JustOneMore Company produces and sells organic plain potato chips. The one-pound family size bag of chips has two direct materials – potatoes and packaging. JustOneMore is preparing budgets for the second quarter ending June 30, 2019. For each requirement below prepare budgets by month for April, May, and June, and a total budget for the quarter.
    Can u find this answer for me pls!!!

  8. Respected Admin,

    I pray that god rewards you for generosity & compassion you’ve shown not only to me, but to the other folks who’ve been in the same situation as I am. I only wish you’d extend your help later on, should I ever be stuck again, In regards to my previous 3 emails, I sincerely apologize for spamming you in that manner, for I did not intend to do so, but rather was I solely anxious, thus impatient.

    Once again, whoever you are, kind admin. I thank you for your invaluable assistance. I’ll be sure to recommend your thoughtful website to all those I know.

    • Thanks for your greetings. You are welcome. Whenever you need to view chegg answers you can reach us anytime. In case of urgency you can let us know by sending message to our Facebook page.

  9. Thankyou for your generosity admin. I indeed recommend this site for fast assistance to provide us answers. Thankyousomuch! GodBless!!

  10. Hi could i get the answer to

    i) Describe the three basic forms of business organization and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
    ii) Define what is meant by an agency relationship and clearly explain what an agency problem is. Use a real life example to demonstrate your understanding.
    iii) Name three investment rules. Detail the mechanics for each of these rules and compare their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, tell us which rule you personally prefer and why.

  11. Determine whether the following are linear operators on R^2: (a) L is the operator defined by L(x) = (x_1 + x_2, x_1, )^T. (b) L is the operator defined by L (x) = (x_1 x_2 x_1)^T. Let L be a linear operator on R^2 and let v_1 = (1 3) v_2 = (-3 5) v_3 = (-9 1) If L(v_1) = (2 4) and L(v_2) = (3 5) find the value of L(v_3). Let L be the linear operator on R^3 defined by L(x) = (x_2-x_1 x_3-x_2 x_3-x_1) and let S = Span((1, 0, 1)^T). (a) Find the kernel of L. (b) Determine L (5). Let L be the linear operator on R^3 defined by L(x) = (x_2 x_1 x_1 + x_2) Determine the range of L. Let L: R^2 rightarrow R^3 be defined by L(x) = (x_1+x_2 x_1-x_2 3x_1+2x_2) Find a matrix A such that L(x) = Ax for each x in R^2. Let L be the linear operator on R^2 that reflects a vector about the x-axis and then rotates the resulting vector by 60 degree in the counterclockwise direction. Find the standard matrix representation of L. Let L be the translation operator on R^2 defined by L(x) = x+a where a = (2 5) Find the matrix representation of L with respect to the homogeneous coordinate system. Let u_1 = (2 1) u_2 = (7 4) and let L be the linear operator that rotates vectors in R^2 by 135 degree in the counterclockwise direction. Find the matrix representation of L with respect to the ordered basis {u_1 u_2}. Let u_1 = (2 1) u_2 = (7 4) and v_1 = (7 5) v_2 = (4 3) and let L be a linear operator on R^2 whose matrix representation with respect to the ordered basis {u_1, u_2} is A = (1 2 2 5) (a) Determine the transition matrix from the basis {v_1, v_2} to the basis {u_1 u_2}. (b) Find the matrix representation of L with respect to {v_1, v_2}. Let A and B be similar matrices. (a) Show that det (A) = det (B). (b) Show that if lambda is any scalar, then det (A – lambda I) = det (B – lambda I).

  12. A vitamin tablet weighing 0.749 g was titrated with iodate by the procedure of Experiment F (Analysis of a Consumer Product – Vitamin C). It took 30.15 mL of 0.0151 M iodate to reach the dark blue endpoint. What is the mass % of Vitamin C (molar mass of Vitamin C = 176.13 g/mol) in the tablet?

    Thank you!

  13. Hi could you give me the answer of exercise 51 chapter 1: Structure and Bonding in organic mocules in Organic Chemistry, 6th Edition
    Question: Certain compounds, such as the one pictured below, show strong biological activity against cell types characteristic of prostate cancer. In this structure, locate an example of each of the following types of atoms or bonds: (a) a highly polarized covalent single bond; (b) a highly polarized covalent double bond; (c) a nearly nonpolar covalent bond; (d) an sp-hybridized carbon atom; (e) an sp2-hybridized carbon atom; (f) an sp3-hybridized carbon atom; (g) a bond between atoms of different hybridization; (h) the longest bond in the molecule; (i) the shortest bond in the molecule (excluding bonds to hydrogen).
    ( It also has a image but I can’t copy it)
    Thank you so much!

  14. Which of the following constraints are not linear or cannot be included as a constraint in a linear programming problem?

    a.) 1.2×1 –.5 x2 +2.3 x3 ≤ 20
    b.) 7×1 –√(2 x_2 ) ≥ 120
    c.) 1/5 x1 + 2/3 x2 + x3 = 60
    d.) 9 x12 + 2.5 x2 – 3 x3 ≤ 1,125
    e.) (5 x_1 – 2x_2 -x_3)/(〖3 x〗_1+x_2 + 2 x_3 ) ≥ 0.35

  15. Formulate the LP model to this linear programming problem solve it using simplex programming or Excel Solver.

    (1) The Tolentino and Fernando Real Estate Company, owns 80 acres of underdeveloped land on a scenic lake in the heart of the Cordillera Mountain. In the past, little or no regulation was applied to new developments around the lake. The Lake Danum shores are now dotted with vacation homes. Because of the lack of sewage service, septic tanks, mostly improperly installed, are in extensive use. Over the years, seepage from the septic tanks resulted in severe water pollution problem.

    To control further degradation in the quality of water, Sagada local officials approved rigorous ordinances applicable to all future developments.

    1. Only single-, double-, and triple-family homes can be constructed with the single-family homes accounting for at least 50% of the total.

    2. To limit the number of septic tanks, minimum lot sizes of 2, 3, and 4 acres are required for single-, double-, and triple-family homes, respectively.

    3. Recreation areas of 1 acre each must be established at the rate of one are per 200 families.

    4. To preserve the ecology of the lake, underground water may not be pumped for house or garden use.

    The President of Tolentino and Fernando real estate is studying the possibility of developing the company’s 800 acres. The new development will include single-, double-, and triple-family homes. It is estimated that 15% of the acreage will be consumed in the opening of streets and easements for utilities. Tolentino and Fernando estimate the returns from different housing as
    Housing unit Single Double Triple
    Net return per unit (Php) 10,000 12,000 15,000

    The cost of connecting water services to the area is proportionate to the number of units constructed. However, the local government stipulates that a minimum of Php 100,000 must be collected for the project to be economically feasible. Additionally, the expansion of the water system beyond its present capacity is limited to 200,000 gallons per day during peak periods. The following data summarizes the cost of connecting water service as well as the water consumption assuming an average size family.

    Housing unit Single Double Triple Recreation
    Water service cost per unit (Php) 1,000 1,200 1,400 800
    Water consumption per unit (gal/day) 400 600 840 450

    Tolentino and Fernando Real Estate Company must decide on the number of units to be constructed for each housing type, together with the number of recreation areas satisfying local ordinances that would maximize total net return.

  16. 1.) Are the following objective functions for an LP model equivalent? That is, if they are both used, one at a time, to solve a problem with exactly the same constraints, will the optimal values for x1 and x2 be the same in both cases? Why or why not?

    Maximize: 4 x1+5 x2
    Minimize: – 5 x1– 4 x2

    2.) Which of the following constraints are not linear or cannot be included as a constraint in a linear programming problem?

    a. 1.2×1 –.5 x2 +2.3 x3 ≤ 20
    b. 7×1 –√(2 x_2 ) ≥ 120
    c. 1/5 x1 + 2/3 x2 + x3 = 60
    d. 9 x12 + 2.5 x2 – 3 x3 ≤ 1,125
    e. (5 x_1 – 2x_2 -x_3)/(〖3 x〗_1+x_2 + 2 x_3 ) ≥ 0.35

  17. help me with this question please..
    A cross-flow air-to-water heat exchanger with an effectiveness of 0.65 is used to heat water (cp = 4180 J/kg∙K) with hot air (cp = 1010 J/kg-K). Water enters the heat exchanger at 20°C at a rate of 4 kg/s, while air enters at 100°C at a rate of 9 kg/s. If the overall heat transfer coefficient based on the water side is 260 W/m2-K, determine the heat transfer surface area of the heat exchanger on the water side. Assume both fluids are unmixed.

  18. Problem 1: For the RL circuit shown in the figure, the battery supply voltage, ε = 10 V, R1 = 4 Ω,
    R2 = 8 Ω, R3 = 8 Ω, R4 = 8 Ω and L = 1 H. The currents in R1, R2, R3 and R4 are denoted as I1, I2, I3
    , and I4, respectively. The voltage drops across R1, R2, R3, R4 and the inductance L are denoted by
    V1, V2, V3, V4 and VL, respectively. Suppose that initially there is no current in the inductor, and the
    switch is open.
    (a) Close the switch and find I1, I2, I3, I4 and VL immediately after the switch S is closed.
    (b) After the switch is closed for a long time, find I1, I2, I3, I4 and VL. What is the energy stored in
    the inductor at this time?
    (c) The switch S is then re-opened. Find I1, I2, I3, I4 and VL immediately after switch S is re-opened.
    (d) After the switch is re-opened for a long time, find I1, I2, I3, I4 and VL.
    (e) How much energy is dissipated in resistors R2, R3, and R4 between the time immediately after
    the switch is opened, and a long time after that?
    (f) Give a crude estimate of what “a long time” is in scenario (e).

  19. Problem 2: An RLC circuit with battery is set up as shown in the figure below. There is no current
    flowing in the circuit until time t = 0 , when the switch S1 is closed.
    (a) Determine the current I(t) in the circuit, as a function of time at t > 0, after the switch S1 is
    (b) What is the current I in the circuit a very long time (t >> L/ R) after the switch S1 is closed?
    Draw a diagram to illustrate the I(t) from t = 0 to t >> L/R, clearing labeling the value of I(t) when
    𝑡 = 𝜏.
    (c) How much energy is stored in the magnetic field of the solenoid a very long time (t >> L/ R)
    after the switch S1 is closed?
    For the next two questions, assume that a very long time (t >> L/R) after the switch S1 was closed,
    the voltage source is disconnected from the circuit by opening the switch S1, and that the solenoid
    is simultaneously connected to a capacitor by closing the switch S2 (see Figure below). Assume
    there is negligible resistance in this new circuit.
    (d) Determine the charge Q(t) stored in the capacitor and current I(t) following in the new circuit,
    as a function of time at t > 0, after the switch S2 is closed.
    (e) What is the maximum amount of charge that will appear on the capacitor and the maximum
    current flowing in the circuit, in terms of the quantities given?
    (f) Draw, on the same diagram, the time variation of Q(t) and I(t).

  20. Problem 3: (a) Consider the circuit shown below, consisting of a battery (emf  ), an inductor L
    , resistors R1 and R2, and switch K. For times t  0 the switch is open and there is no current in the
    circuit. At t = 0, the switch is closed.
    (i) Find the current flowing through L and the potential diference across L at t = 0+.
    (ii) At t >> 0, a steady current I0 is flowing through L. The switch K is then suddenly opened. Find
    the potential difference across the inductor and the current flowing through the inductor
    immediately after the switch K is opened.
    (b) Consider the circuit below, consisting of a battery (emf  = 220 V), an inductor L = 10 H,
    resistors R1 = 10 Ω and R2 = 100 Ω, and switch K. The switch K is initially closed, and a steady
    current flows in the circuit. The switch K is suddenly opened. Find the total energy dissipated by
    the resistor R2 after the switch K is opened for a very long time.

  21. Problem 4:
    Suppose the circuit shown below has been connected for a long time with a steady current I0
    flowing through it. At time, t = 0, switch S is suddenly switched from A to B, by passing the
    (a) What is the current at any subsequent time, t > 0?
    (b) What is the total energy delivered to the resistor?
    (c) Show that the energy delivered to the resistor is equal to that originally stored in the inductor

  22. Lab 4.5.6 Text manipulation: plain-text formatting
    Familiarize the student with:
    problems with manipulating free-form text.
    When dealing with plain-text mediums, the formatting options are fairly limited compared to modern WYSIWYG rich-text editors.
    A common practice is to emphasize words or text fragments using the asterisk character (“*”) or the underline character (“_”).
    Write a program that willchange this style of formatting according to the following rules:
    allalphabet characters surrounded by asterisks will be made upper-case, and the asterisks will be removed, i.e. “this is *it*” will
    be changed to “this is IT”;
    allcharacters surrounded by underscores will be separated by additional spaces, and the underscores will be changed to spaces,
    i.e. “is _this_ it?” will be changed to “is t h i s it?”;
    an underscore or asterisk will be ignored if no matching character has been found until the end of the string;
    an underscore will be ignored if an asterisk has been encountered before a matching underscore;
    an asterisk will be ignored if an underscore has been encountered before a matching asterisk.

  23. I would like to get the answer of below questions:

    1)An airline company had received more customer complaints, such as delayed flights and mishandled baggage, than any other major airline company. If you were the operations manager of this airline company, how might you apply management by objectives (MBO) to solve these problems? Discuss.

    2)Personality is an important determinant of how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Over the years, researchers have attempted to identify the traits that best describe personality. One of the ways to do this is to use the Big Five Model. From your own perspective, how would you analyse a social worker’s personality using Big Five Model? Why?

    Thanks for your help.


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