Craving for some free Robux? It’s the right time to participate Robux giveaway! Like every week, we’re giving away 500 free robux to the lucky TechLaCarte readers. Plus we put together top 10 astounding ways to get Robux for free in 2020.

When it comes to earning virtual currency in multi-platform games nowadays, it’s no surprise that you’ve got to spend real money in return so as to purchase certain amount of the in-game currency in order to unlock that specific item you’ve been dying to acquire, as doing otherwise would take you an eternity, if not an impossibility to possess the said item where it’d been much less of a hassle to use the PayPal credit in the first place.

Unsurprisingly enough, last decade’s infamous blockbuster ROBLOX is no stranger to such strategy. With ROBUX renowned as the game’s virtual currency to buy in-game goods & upgrades, apart from the relatively easier-to-earn diamonds, gems, & coins during gameplay.

What Is Robux?

ROBUX, also referred to as R$, were initially launched in 14th of May in 2007, back when this virtual currency was formerly called ROBLOX points. These points simply act as the main currency among the community & stuff, all non-free item inside the game are sold via spending R$. As ROBLOX solely utilized ROBUX as their iAP (in-app purchase) to make profit for the developers to create such ever-growing game expansion & population, the R$ became quite popular as the only in-game currency & thus, of utmost value.

As mentioned earlier, ROBUX can be bought with real money as that, for many ROBLOX players, seems the most suited option. Signing up for the Builders Club (BC) membership license is yet another way to earn R$. This premium membership provides its members with daily R$ allowance, in addition to receiving a 100 ROBUX bonus for those who buy the BC license for the very first time.

Can You Get Robux for free?

Assuming you’re a regular Robloxer, you’ve probably known that already. But what if I told you there’s another way that’s unfathomed to other Robloxers which you can take advantage of? In another sense, what if I told you that you can earn robux for free?

Instead of players wandering in a never-ending adventure to perform countless tasks & earn achievements to finally get merely a handful of ROBUX’s, there are those who prefer exploring the entire game in a much shorter term, yet are quite impatient to try what virtual goods the game has to offer.

So, of you’re one of those who want to hack their way through the game, then you’d better stick around & take a stroll into these 10+ epic ways that’d proved to be legitimately free as well as void of shady human verification prompts which consequently not only will get you free ROBUX, but also gain you unparalleled merits over encountered foes as well as your friends.

How to Get Free ROBUX in Roblox 2020

TechLaCarte Free Robux Giveaway August 2020

There are often groups online that offer Robux rewards in instances like being the among the first hundred followers to comment on their feed or first-time subscribers, as well as occasionally announce giveaways to potentially reward those who regularly follow their sites or social media pages. This was one of many ways for YouTubers or content creators to gain more attraction. As not everyone is able to buy Robux codes whenever they wish to do so, these little opportunities are priceless for many people.

Thankfully for you, our blog is doing now a weekly Robux giveaway contest – everyone can join, but not everyone can win!. We will randomly pick 5 entrants as a winners.  If you want to participate in the giveaway, simply fill what’s required in the giveaway section below to get the chance of claiming a Robux free reward. You can see this as a gift for being here with us since as you may already know (if you’ve been following us), we love to give freebies to our readers. And if you’re new here – don’t worry, it is a legit giveaway! Try it and see it for yourself.

Don’t forget to fill in right information in the giveaway, like email, name – it’s crucial for us to reach you if you won the contest, in order to deliver your prize. Good luck to everyone!

Important Update!
The Free Robux Giveaway ended at 01 August 2020, Winner names announced!
All winners are requested to claim their Free Robux before 03rd August). Whoever fails to claim the prize within the said time period, we may give it to the waitlist winners!
Please check the Winner Announcement Board to see the complete list of Robux giveaway winners.

TechLaCarte Free Robux Giveaway 2020

This time we’re giving away 500 Robux, brought to you by the TechLaCarte, Enter to win yourself free robux for roblox. Good luck!


5 Winners – 100 Robux per head!

TechLaCarte Free Robux Giveaway

✸ Robux Payout Statement of last week giveaway ✸

If you already a group member, You can view the entire activities of the group by click “Audit Log” in the Group control panel menu. Non-members (Guests) can view the robux payout statement in the attached screenshot below. Or join on Techlacarte roblox group to view instant updates.

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Winner Announcement Board!

trophyThis Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 01 August)
userKaren GarayBerutti, ArgentinaEmailed
userSantiago UribeMedellín, ColombiaEmailed
userKlára LorberováPrague, CzechiaEmailed
userkiymet ozhasanMagnesia ad Sipylum, TurkeyEmailed
userJona Mae CasasBacalan, PhilippinesEmailed
userJorawer ThiaraAuckland, New ZealandEmailed
userLeon JurkovićOsijek, CroatiaEmailed
userJuli gierAntwerp, BelgiumEmailed
userHannaAngeles City, PhilippinesEmailed
userEdita MužakZagreb, CroatiaEmailed
userMarland UnderwoodRiverton, United StatesEmailed
userVenom_GeoValcea, RomaniaEmailed
userEiri MartinAngeles City, PhilippinesEmailed
userMiguel AngelBucaramanga, ColombiaEmailed
userEmiya underwoodAsheville, United StatesEmailed
userAndres pintoArequipa, PeruEmailed
userJovanTrstenik, SerbiaEmailed
userArielAntioch, United StatesEmailed
userLorineSaint-Cyr-sur-Loire, FranceEmailed
userArianna SalernoCartago, Costa RicaEmailed
trophyLast Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 17 July)
userMichał ŚwiętekBogotá, DC, Colombia
userVictor LicaBig Bear, CA, USA
userRahul KumarTN, India
userSachin SahgalMalaysia
userValen YSManila, Philippines
userLuisina BrandanBalcarres, Canada
userJuan PabloLaguna, Philippines
userZapana ChiquiTAB, Mexico
userOGalaxy BeniTrujillo, Peru
userZach ZadahCA, USA
userOmar KebbeTurkey
userImad OuigmanCasablanca, Morocco
userElaiza MaeMakati City, Philippines
userAhmad MikhailPetaling Jaya, Malaysia
userChristian SaludesLaguna, Philippines
userGian CanubasDavao City, Philippines
userAlexandru LaverLugoj, TM, Romania
userPaula FdezEl Ejido, AN, Spain
userJose LuisHermosillo, SON, Mexico
userNickwayne StanfordKingston, Jamaica
userFlorina OrianHeilbronn, BW, Germany
userDJ DavidIstanbul, Turkey
userTheodoraSatu Mare, SM, Romania
userYuri PaloyoSan Fernando, Philippines
userLina RouichiTunis, Tunisia
userKhiêm Lê GiaHo Chi Minh City, SG, Vietnam
userIdisjf HeodnfNew Milford, NJ, USA
userJeorge RonnelNaga, Cebu
userShane gonzalesKalibo Town, Philippines Processing
userLaura KoethAshtabula, OH, USA
userLadasia WoodTuscaloosa, AL, USA
userAlex SmitchDoha, DA, Qatar
userFairy diamondsCasablanca, Morocco

👉 Are you wondering with the terms we used? Well, we will tell you What does this means:

Email sent – A notification email has been sent to the winner, That mentioning that she/he won the giveaway contest and the robux gift is ready to be claimed.  But, We are still awaiting response from the user to start the Prize claiming process.

Claimed – We already got a response from the winner and successfully sent 100 robux to their roblox account.

Failed – The winner has not responded to our email for the past 48 hours. So we’ve selected another winner from the waitlist.

To claim your free robux, you either contact us through our facebook page or email.

💬 Chat Now! or ✉ Email Now!

August 01 Giveaway waitlist winners!

Waitlist Winners – Waitlist winners aren’t actually the giveaway winners, but we will announce them as a winner. If a giveaway winner fails to claim their Free robux.

userTimothy RosalesCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userHoor AlbaikGermanyWaitWaitlist
userElifavclAdapazarı, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userCloe HilvanoDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMaureen ArriolaBacoor, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userGwynethCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userDastain AclaCalamba, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userSergio AndrésNeiva, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userMatej SlavicWaiblingen, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userGracelyn NerDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userRidwaanggGeorgetown, GuyanaWaitWaitlist
userVip193Manama, BahrainWaitWaitlist
userCarmina Fruto of Muntinglupa, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAmir Jamil CaceresBatangas, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userRedhaJeddah, Saudi ArabiaWaitWaitlist
userBellaImus, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userLele132A2Novi Sad, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userIvan Dela CruzPasig, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userNikolaBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userEldinbekicaNovi Pazar, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userJovana VrucinicBijeljina, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userAdnan MosaKuwait , KuwaitWaitWaitlist
userLeanna Soon Pei YuKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWaitWaitlist
userTapas BistaAbilene, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userZeynepDenizli, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userBozidarNovi Sad, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userAshlyeSantiago de Cali, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userIvory NicoleQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userPenelope MendozaPasig, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userFathan Yusuf AnwarSurakarta, IndonesiaWaitWaitlist
userJoaquin RojasCuricó, ChileWaitWaitlist
userMarceline MilanaCainta, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userXyzkaaVaraždin, CroatiaWaitWaitlist
userInty99Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMatteo RogerBéziers, FranceWaitWaitlist
userMertMugla, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userSakari ThomasWilmington, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userNamHo Chi Minh , VietnamWaitWaitlist
userCherry FreyaPasig, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userPetrisorBucharest, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userNo U LoserChicago, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userIyah LuisaBaliuag, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userOofnillasDurham, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userHannah RosenchartzPloieşti, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userDaniel Gonzalez, JrNew York, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userSherrionMcDonough, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userKaleajjangSurabaya, IndonesiaWaitWaitlist
userRobloxkrindz12Pančevo, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userShrouq GamilGiza, EgyptWaitWaitlist
userCeren TamerÇanakkale, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userJustine KyleBaguio , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJayson. CrossOrlando, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userSjdksjdBogotá, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userDhfAarhus C, DenmarkWaitWaitlist
userBryant HuangSaratoga, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userPetar KovačevićBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userLorraineDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTinaextremeManila, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userEllisjems MenguitoSan Pablo , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAdolf Josef Pascua UrataBaguio , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAleksaBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userNicolás PerezBogotá, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userAni KirchevaSofia, BulgariaWaitWaitlist
userSorina HerisDofteana, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userDc LlanesQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userSamuel SerbitToulouse, FranceWaitWaitlist
userTahirpleyerNovi Pazar, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userJeremiah DeloyolaManila, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTahsinGhent, BelgiumWaitWaitlist
userGela PamposaTarlac , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userRobloxQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTrystan LauxPaderborn, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userHamo PickonjaSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userGab GabManila, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMarkkenjeDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userKonrelooneKrakow, PolandWaitWaitlist
userLeoZagreb, CroatiaWaitWaitlist
userChristian WrightSpringfield, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userJasmine OrpillaMalolos, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userLizSanta Marta, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userKy LieSanta Cruz, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userRichton KohSingapore, SingaporeWaitWaitlist
userPetarAleksa Santic, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userAdopt Me SoundsCalumpit, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userKyleSan Pablo , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userFabian MuñozMontería, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userNicholas SantiagoBogotá, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userVivaanBengaluru, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userMedjadlaamariCasablanca, MoroccoWaitWaitlist
userAlenJagodina, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userAimee BlazyCainta, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMarinellaZagreb, CroatiaWaitWaitlist
userDanielle BalenMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userGabegwapo123Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMonikKathmandu, NepalWaitWaitlist
userDadauleBitola, North MacedoniaWaitWaitlist
userJolaoluwaLeeds, United KingdomWaitWaitlist
userSalad FingersJupiter, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userAliceBengaluru, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userSamiTangier, MoroccoWaitWaitlist
userAbigaelleAramon, FranceWaitWaitlist
userAnnejilyn LeochicoManila, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userElmorro99991Puebla , MexicoWaitWaitlist
userChienoreoFaro, PortugalWaitWaitlist
userKate SwiersMalton, United KingdomWaitWaitlist
userManny GergCalamba, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJerremiahclotarioLas Pinas, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userChristine ObasiLaurel, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userShakerKuwait , KuwaitWaitWaitlist
userNatyTetcice, CzechiaWaitWaitlist
userNewmaria0907Pililla, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAlbert Screaming Like A GirlBaguio , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userDiosmer VeraPuerto Ordaz and San Felix, VenezuelaWaitWaitlist
userMadison LovellUnited KingdomWaitWaitlist
userAlice SmithMostar, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userAaron DemrovskyAkron, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userSarahMeynes, FranceWaitWaitlist
userAntonio Miguel OrbeBatangas, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userDavidSuceava, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userTomáš KrankusKošice, SlovakiaWaitWaitlist
userDemonic SoulsGarden Grove, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userEric VavaCraiova, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userAlisaactaparanCainta, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userDaniellachua19Makati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTeevasuBangkok, ThailandWaitWaitlist
userDamien TonowskiOpava, CzechiaWaitWaitlist
userIlyesxxl12Schiltigheim, FranceWaitWaitlist
userPenelope CruzSan Miguel, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMeraaa25Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userFelipe BeasleyCuruzu Cuatia, ArgentinaWaitWaitlist
userCyril Mark BoniaoCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userPetar MicicSabac, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userOh ChihongSingapore, SingaporeWaitWaitlist
userDavidsantiagobastorodriguezBucaramanga, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userNaty19ContreViña del Mar, ChileWaitWaitlist
userJayden HatfieldCharleston, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userKerri AdamsSwindon, United KingdomWaitWaitlist
userKristine JoyPhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userHarsh PipaliyaBengaluru, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userBrendan DineshDoonside, AustraliaWaitWaitlist
userEpraim MarquezBaguio , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userSara León GarcíaPuebla , MexicoWaitWaitlist
userAstrid D'MelloJeddah, Saudi ArabiaWaitWaitlist
userLennard TatoQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJuju CaxaFranceWaitWaitlist
userEylulMugla, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userKevinBogotá, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userPeiitzarBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userForscythe VaughQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userNaryashoultzSchenectady, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userDaniel Eduardo Gonzalez AlvisBogotá, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userMartuza IqbalBuffalo, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userYadhuHarrisburg, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userHuy TrầnHo Chi Minh , VietnamWaitWaitlist
userRayan AouaneMelun, FranceWaitWaitlist
userFlare A. HanibaCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJasammario1Tuzla, BosniaWaitWaitlist
userRoderikPanama , PanamaWaitWaitlist
userAlicia TarrLincoln, United KingdomWaitWaitlist
userBatrisSalford, United KingdomWaitWaitlist
userAreluffyTokat Province, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userPhilippe DoGarden Grove, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userKenzhinebelisarioQuezon , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTalya94Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaWaitWaitlist
userAlienkillergenosCagayan de Oro, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAndrija DavidovicBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userHs MiaZagreb, CroatiaWaitWaitlist
userYuvitsaLima, PeruWaitWaitlist
userKhjbjllmmjhjkhkSantiago, ChileWaitWaitlist
userHelenakanic99Banja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userEusobio De JongDeftinge, BelgiumWaitWaitlist
user𝗺𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗮𝗱𝗮𝗵𝘆Giza, EgyptWaitWaitlist
userAaliyahDoha, QatarWaitWaitlist
userKiritoBengaluru, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userNameItapevi, BrazilWaitWaitlist
userDimitrije DorbnjakBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userAzaliah SanabriaAllentown, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userMr_Skeletboy21Hoboken, BelgiumWaitWaitlist
userTodor DKragujevac, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userRokZagreb, CroatiaWaitWaitlist
userLuisa ParraMedellín, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userHahahaStuttgart, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userMickee ConsultaMasbate, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTodorBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userShanAngeles , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJacobrostUnited StatesWaitWaitlist
userBranislavKošice, SlovakiaWaitWaitlist
userRominaDragioiu, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userOlaChicago, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userElna LedesmaMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMax GinterPowell, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userLogan LeeRockford, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userAlexsmalllsBalcarres, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userRoffielTaguig, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userRiia SinghSurrey, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userUnknow_EntyManama, BahrainWaitWaitlist
userCriselblogSan Miguel de Allende, MexicoWaitWaitlist
userBeylulSivas, TurkeyWaitWaitlist
userCassandra FrillesMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userHebum600Hanoi, VietnamWaitWaitlist
userJhon DaveCaloocan , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAlgert IslamajAlbaniaWaitWaitlist
userHannah MagnoDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAlice SmithCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userBrillyDetmold, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userFrehcn TrwshEtobicoke, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userJose LopezPasto, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userGatuzMalolos, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTate EukaryoteMetter, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userGildra CocomFranklin Square, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userAlice MithRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaWaitWaitlist
userIzzy HoutingEdmonton, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userGhassen07Nabeul, TunisiaWaitWaitlist
userBobCopenhagen, DenmarkWaitWaitlist
userVasilijeNiš, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userLucasbarteCebu , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJuadiegojajaLima, PeruWaitWaitlist
userVinayak SawantMumbai, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userFiliberto Montero VargasHeredia, Costa RicaWaitWaitlist
userGeorgeShort Hills, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userNolanUnited StatesWaitWaitlist
userChristianGreensboro, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userNiksa GajicPrijedor, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWaitWaitlist
userMervin GovenderDurban, South AfricaWaitWaitlist
userDavid_Csuszy1Gyula, HungaryWaitWaitlist
userDanielaSan Miguel, El SalvadorWaitWaitlist
userDanielManama, BahrainWaitWaitlist
userFreddyDominican RepublicWaitWaitlist
userSwayam Amit NadgeriBengaluru, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userHshsjsjsjsjElvas, PortugalWaitWaitlist
userNikodem TototoTychy, PolandWaitWaitlist
userJhustinnehernandezMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userPokemon XMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userOlaszbence2014Budapest, HungaryWaitWaitlist
userEnnocoMannheim, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userAndy BustosLansing, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userKilop HandroviLiptovský Mikuláš, SlovakiaWaitWaitlist
userDenmark Demasu-AyManila, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userJwPetaling Jaya, MalaysiaWaitWaitlist
userSuperadarmanKaltenkirchen, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userPro ProHerceg Novi, MontenegroWaitWaitlist
userDahlia CyrMakati , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userUrsu DanSuceava, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userArtem SarkisovTel Aviv, IsraelWaitWaitlist
userJaniecaDavao , PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userTwilight MadriagaGeneral Santos, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userYesha VegaCalasiao, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist

✸ Feedback from the Giveaway Winners ✸

You can view what are the feedbacks we’ve got from robux giveaway winners in the attached screenshot below. Click on the screenshot image to view in full size.

Winner #1 (From Waitlist)

Roblox Username: IIIVasiIII

Robux Sent: 30 | View Payout Receipt!

Screenshot of conversation with the With the Robux winner:
Free Robux
Winner #2 (From Waitlist)

Roblox Username: AwesomeTroy2009

Robux Sent: 30 | View Payout Receipt!

Screenshot of conversation with the With the Robux winner:
Free Robux

🎁 Prize Item: 500 Robux Currency – worth $5


How it works?

You might be wondering if it’s just another scam, we answer you in a word “No”. Its normal for you to have a thought like that While on the internet you can saw plenty of the Robux generator websites or robux hack tools promise you that they can give you free robux but, all you get is ZERO & get stuck with the endless amount of survey. But, believe in us. We never break our words. TechLaCarte is the only site that focus on those users who craving for free stuff on the internet. All the contests we run in our blog 100% legit, so you can participate without any hassle.

We would like to help out people who isn’t quite rich to afford a robux. Let us explain how we going to gift you robux if you won the contest. Since we have no straight way to send robux from one account to another. We will be using the group or trading way to transfer robux between one account to another. Below are the two types of methods we will be using to send robux to the giveaway winners.

Method #1

Using Roblox Group Payout system

We TechLaCarte have official group on roblox named “Hungry for Robux by TechLaCarte“. We created this group only for gift free robux to the giveaway winners. Anyone who interested can join in our group and it’s free. The group is administered by techlacarte, We can send robux to the group members. So if you have a roblox account, simply join on our official Roblox group to know the giveaway updates and get free robux.

Method #2

If you have an item for sale, We will buy it

You need to have a donation item available for sale (preferably T-shirt). So we can purchase one with our Robux. The downside of this method is that you must have a paid Builder’s Club account, so that you can make your own creation, then upload it to the catalog for sale.

Terms & Conditions

👉 Contest Ending Date: 01 August, 2020.

👉 Countries Where this Giveaway valid: This is an international giveaway. Anyone who has a roblox id can participate.

👉 Additional entries: If you have extra email IDs, you can use them all to make extra entries for yourself. By doing so, you can increase the chance of winning this giveaway. You can also invite your friends to participate in our giveaway contest.

👉 Daily entry: Some of the entry tasks allow you make entries daily. So make sure to visit our website everyday to see if there is a chance to make another entry. The more entries you make, you will earn more chance to win.

👉 Winner announcement: Winner name will be announced here in the winner announcement board as soon as the contest ends.

👉 Number of Prizes: 500 Robux worth $5 will be divided equally shared with 5 winners. We randomly pick 5 winners from the participants. And display their name, location on the winner notification board.

👉 To claim your Prize: We usually notify the giveaway winners by sending them a personal email. And also, we display the winners name and their location here in the winner announcement board widget. So, If you see your name in the winners list. You need to claim your robux within 2 days. In case of failure in claiming your prize, we will pick another winner from the waitlist and giveaway the robux.

👉 What happens, When the winner is not claiming their Robux?

We will wait for a winner to claim their account for the maximum of 48 hours, In case of we haven’t heard anything back from them within the said time period, The victory is no longer valid. Depends on number people fails to claim their robux. We will re-pick the winners from the waiting list.

👉 Next Giveaway: We will run this giveaway contest every week. Next giveaway starts on 02 August 2020.

If you already a winner of the past giveaway, You can still participate in our future giveaways. There are no limitations or restrictions applied when making multiple entries and participate on the future contests .

How to Participate in Giveaway

Who all wants to win a free robux by participating on our giveaway contest. They must have meet the entry requirements in order to make successful entry to the contest. If you need help entering into the contest, just follow our step-by-step guide on making a successful entry.

1. At first login to our giveaway with Email (Recommended) or Facebook or Instagram or twitter. Now you have 4 ways to enter in the giveaway.

2. You have to choose the first task labeled “Like TechLaCarte on Facebook”.

  • This will expand the info of the selected entry task. There click on the “Visit our page” button.
  • This will take you the facebook page of our website, Hit the “Like” button on our facebook page and close the tab.
  • (Ignore this if you already logged in) Now click the “Continue button” and fill your name and email.

3. Click on the entry task which labeled “Read a Blog post fully”, this will load the entry form. Fill your name and email, if asked.

  • Click the “Read now!” button. This will open a blog article, you just need to read the article fully and you will earn the entry points instantly.

We sincerely hope this giveaway will help out those who really can’t afford for robux and those who love to win robux lottery online. Apart from free robux, TechLaCarte exclusively offers different kind of giveaways for our blog readers. So if you like to win any of the following prizes, feel free to participate and try your luck. Netflix Account giveaway, Xbox live codes giveaway, PSN Cards giveawayspotify premium accounts for free, Free Amazon gift cards.

Free Roblox Gift Card Codes List 2020

The first & most obvious thing that many Robloxers would do when surfing the web for free ROBUX is looking after free Gift Card codes. This generally pertains as an effortless way to potentially grab free R$ to soon commence & plough through the game.

free robux Gift Card Codes

Yet sadly, countless websites online claiming to have free generated ROBLOX points are mostly either fake, or are users to complete a survey, which all in all decimates the eager Robloxer’s hopes. You might, just might, be lucky enough to come across a website or YouTube channel that provides really working, free ROBUX without any “I’m not a Robot” hindering virtual wall. In other words, take a gosh-darn survey to unlock your “free” ROBUX reward.

Luckily, TechLaCarte, a well-reputable website, comes to save the day by offering numerous lists of free Gift Cards that desires our readers to their hearts content. Not only we do offer legitimately active, free ROBUX gift codes, but also constantly updating our site with fresh lists of gift codes including, but not limited to, Steam Wallet, XBOX Live, Amazon, & Spotify Premium. Head to their official website’s homepage to find out more.

Roblox Promo Codes 2020

Promo codes, similar to Gift Card codes, allow users to gain benefits that involve unlocking contents behind a paywall. However, Promo codes can leverage in regards to providing major discounts, instant unlocks, “special” access to features & items that normally not even a corresponding ordinary gift code can obtain.

roblox promo codes

While one can still rant about the limitations of gift codes when compared to promo codes, the former is most of the time acquired via payment, & is more or less impacted by the region’s currency value; let alone their availability. These drawbacks luckily are non-existent with the latter, as promo codes are mostly offered as freebies, in instances of buying a game or subscribing to popular YouTubers offering said content.

Here in TechLaCarte we offers Roblox Promo codes that works in 2020, where we frequently update the lists of all Promo codes, that’ve been enjoyed by thousands of Roblox players that happened to stumble upon our website.

As mentioned earlier, Roblox Promo codes can offer significant discounts to future content purchases or unlock special access to players who utilize them promo codes bombarded with plethora of features that Robloxers can take advantage of. If you’re quite eager to acquire a Roblox promo code ASAP, then how about warping to our list of Roblox Promo codes page. It’s brisk & easy-to-navigate user-interface makes it compelling for all to joyfully wander.

Joining in Robux Giveaway Groups

Whether you’re in a never-ending search for ways to obtain free ROBUX via gift codes or the previously mentioned feature-packed promo codes, there are often groups online that offer ROBUX rewards in instances like being the among the first hundred followers to comment on their feed or first-time subscribers, as well as occasionally announce giveaways to potentially reward those who regularly follow their sites or social media pages.

Robux Giveaway

This was one of many ways for YouTubers or content creators to gain more attraction. These groups act as haven to those lucky winners who may or may not unable to afford to buy ROBUX gift codes every now & then, as well as catalyze in obtaining crucial content all thanks to the posted promo codes publicly provided by these groups, & thus are extremely praised over the years for offering free ROBUX to their loyal followers.

Quite recently, there’s been an announcement regarding ROBUX giveaways to those who are feeling lucky to win them free Roblox points. To simply participate in the giveaway, simply head on the below link & join on the most active robux giveaway groups to get the chance of claiming your ROBUX reward.

Get Roblox Gifts for Watching Gameplays on Youtube or Twitch

It’s no secret that lots of gamers who play Roblox or any other game use YouTube &/or Twitch as form of entertainment. These two aforementioned platforms have become the greatest mainstreaming websites for viewers to massively support their amicable streamers.

Additionally, followers of these streamers channels often gain benefits from watching the stream, aside from entertaining purposes, which involves discerning tips & tricks for newbie Roblox players or veteran Robloxers, as well as provide unique methods to get free Robux points from sites that contain ready-to-use ROBUX coins via generators or hacks, or by simply sending free ROBUX to their subscribers for performing minute tasks like supporting their patreon channel or visiting & subscribing their streamer’s website to gain the free ROBUX coins directly or via an online / installable hack or generator.

Most of the time, Roblox Twitchers & YouTubers would include promo codes in their video description so that viewers can instantly use them codes, & this way these streamers attract more & more followers to show support to his / her channel. That being said, if you’re among those players who are seeking to acquire them Roblox promo codes in no time, then be sure to waltz in to that link.







Apps that gives you Free Robux!



You might be familiar with websites that claim to give free ROBUX codes, as well as for Steam wallet codes, iTunes, Amazon, & many other kinds of gift cards for conducting surveys or completing their allotted offers. However, many of these turn out to be pretentious scams. While that is still true & many web surfers remain skeptical about this matter, there are a handful of sites that keep their word when it comes to rewarding users for accomplishing asked offers. One of these sites that steal the spotlight is none other than PrizeRebel.

This online tool essentially does what many users are familiar with prior websites: complete offers, watch ad videos, & answer surveys to be rewarded with points. The more points you earn, the closer you get to redeem your gift card of choice. & Yes! They deliver instantly. Consequently, PrizeRebel provides the perfect opportunity for Roblox players to earn points in their free time by completing the aforementioned tasks.

Robloxers are ultimately able to win free ROBUX as well as other redeemable gift cards by using earned points through their spent time completing objectives, & thus many players throughout the years were able to purchase Builders Club as well as plenty of of ROBUX using this method.

Signing up at the PrizeRebel official website is straightforward & does not require any vaguely additional information to get up & running. So, credentials like valid phone number & credit card info are out of question. If you’re feeling optimistic in acquiring a quick ROBUX grab, then wait no further & apply for registration. It’ll merely take you seconds to so.



Say you’re away from your computer or your gaming console, yet still in need to treat yourself for some free ROBUX. Not to mention the urging sense of getting them R$ goodies by scouting for 100% safe & working ROBUX hacks or generators online, only to be stomped with disappointment for getting nowhere.

In that case, PointsPrizes is here to aid you in your quest, Roblox player. As this web-based application runs on multiple platforms, you can either directly go to their website, or download their app that’s enjoyed by millions on the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.

By simply signing up for the surveys offered by PointPrizes, along with other easy to accomplish & entertaining tasks, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with virtual points that can then be exchanged for free ROBUX codes. All you need to do is answer some straightforward questions by these surveys (typically two to three minutes per survey) & you’ll be earning them points.

Moreover, PointsPrizes further extends its generosity to its users by giving them free points every 24 hours. So, just launching the app or logging in everyday can get you free points.

Amazing, right? Anyways, complete said tasks like filling surveys (more like questionnaires), watching video ads for new products, & exploring offer walls, & within an hour or so, you’ll be having enough points to redeem them for a ROBUX gift code, which will instantly be delivered to your email. No fuss, no muss, & most certainly, no delays. What all that being said, why not give PointsPrizes a shot? It’s quite the guaranteed way of getting free ROBUX by heading over the link.



So, you’ve came across countless websites that claim to act as Roblox generators, but in the end, they turn out to be a scam. This doesn’t strike anyone as a surprise because lots of desperate Roblox players have been there in that exact situation. Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you, patient Robloxer.

A new website called GrabPoints has emerged to bestow its users with free ROBUX, in exchange for fulfilling simple & quick objectives, that is. These objectives are quite straight to the point, really.

Sign up for free, watch some advertising videos, play web-based games, download apps, complete mini-surveys to obtain points which ultimately are redeemable for Roblox points via gift card code sent to your email, or rather sent to the user’s PayPal or Virtual Visa account as cash.

It’s worth mentioning that this website warns you of fake ROBUX generators online & are to be evaded at all costs, denoting that GrabPoints do highlight their legitimacy to their users when it comes to obtaining free ROBUX credits. Find out more on their official website.

Free Robux using Builders Club Membership

This method may seem a bit unorthodox, but trust me! Everything you’re gonna here from now on will be. Rather than aimlessly searching the internet for online Roblox hacks or generators, which ultimately can prove to be frustrating when you realize you’re gained nothing, your inner conscience asks you why not save the time & effort & go PREMIUM ?

Starting at 4.99$ a month, you unlock the Premium 450 Tier, which grants you 450 ROBUX per month, up from the previously offered in-game’s 15 R$/month using Classic Builders Club subscription. Pretty cool, right?

There are more newly-released PREMIUM offers like the 1000 -Tier (9.99$/month) & the 2200-Tier (19.99$/month) monthly subscriptions, all maintaining a reasonably affordable fee. Not only so, but PREMIUM Roblox players do get to enjoy an extra set of perks, such as joining & creating upto 100 groups, irrespective of what Tier subscription is, as well as getting 10% more ROBUX upon future purchases, reselling items to get more R$ for selling your creations, & to top it all, trade items with other PREMIUM members. You can find out more on Roblox’s official page.

Trading Collectibles in Builders Club

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of subscribing to the Builders Club membership is the ability to trade items with other Roblox players for extra ROBUX. To put this into perspective, say a user creates a item or a design & for an extensive period of time it’s a selling hit in Roblox. But then after a while the user no longer sells this product & it’s basically discontinued.

Luckily, those who had the chance to previously buy this product can sell it for a great amount of ROBUX due to its rarity among the community, making this product a treasure cove for Roblox traders. Click here if you’re quite eager to learn how to become a Roblox trader.

Free Robux On Roblox From Games You Make

Fun fact: did you know that each & every single game you see & play on the Roblox platform is created by other players, & not the game developers? This way creative players who create them Roblox games have strived to make decent amounts of ROBUX throughout the years & the great thing about it is the game itself is free to download, along with the Roblox Studio that enables Robloxers to create their games for free, then publicize them in order for them to earn ROBUX, which then later on be transferred to real money, should the game creator decide to perform a withdrawal.

Caution! – Beware of Free ROBUX Generators, Roblox Hacks No Survey or Human Verification!

There are hundreds of websites online that claim to act as Roblox generators that can openly distribute free ROBUX hacks & gift codes so that Roblox players can charge in to their game, ROBUX-loaded.

While this does sound far too good to be true, it actually is. You see, many of these online tools pretend that they’re conducting a hack to obtain free ROBUX codes from the Roblox servers (or something of this sort) for you to use, only to be hit by a “human verification” survey wall, & as discussed earlier, this leads you nowhere as that’s a total sham.

Free ROBUX Generator

Furthermore, many alleged ROBUX generators are factually viruses that can be range from being a malicious Trojan virus or annoying adware, or even the infamously ever-dreaded ransomware. In short, it’s never worth risking your precious device for some shady tool or website that claims to provide generate free ROBUX, no matter how bad you need them. That’s why staying safe by buying ROBUX from trusted websites, or utilizing one of the aforementioned tools in this article is your best bet to accruing R$.

In a nutshell, Roblox’s ever-expanding platform of games & items certainly does grab undivided attention to newbies & more options of Roblox veterans to explore. & As the game requires ROBUX currency to unlock relevant crucial items in order to achieve progression, players often scout the web for methods to obtain R$ for free, instead of paying hefty amount of real money to cover the ROBUX sum required to cover up the costs of specific items. & That’s why numerously established online tools, as the ones mentioned above, take the privilege of offering ROBUX without paying a single penny.

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