Are you looking for a way to get Amazon gift cards or voucher redeem codes for free? You can consider yourself lucky then! Today we are going to take a look around all the things you can do to get free Amazon gift cards in August 2020. If you are patient and don’t care about going on a long trip through sites and apps that give you free Amazon gift cards, you can manage to win around $100 easily, and it’s all free. Very interesting, right?

Gift cards on Amazon are special top up vouchers that can be exchanged on the Amazon website for items. We love Amazon – it has an almost endless selection of products available, meeting each and every purpose you could ever have. Amazon gift cards are the best way to save money while shopping online.

Normally, to get Amazon gift cards, you should have to buy them using real money from the Amazon website itself, using other online stores, or from supermarkets within America. But why should you buy gift cards using your money if you can get them for free?

There are certain apps and websites available on the web that will help you earn gift cards for Amazon. In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Best ways to earn free Amazon gift cards in August of 2020. This list is mainly composed of freebie apps and websites that have a good reputation among its peers and users, so you can trust them.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2020

This list will be updated with new apps and sites, as there is a large number of new sites that come out every day. Therefore, the pages shown here will be continuously reviewed and updated. We recommend you to check our page from time to time (you can bookmark this article if you want) to be aware of all the new ways to get Amazon gift cards for free.

We have put together detailed information of each site, so that you know from the first moment what you will have to do if you want to know how to get free Amazon gift cards.

Important Update!
The Amazon Gift Card Giveaway ended at 01 August 2020, Winner names announced!
All winners are requested to claim their Free Amazon Gift Card within next 3 days. Whoever fails to claim the prize within the said time period, we may give it to the waitlist winners!
Please check the Winner Announcement Board to see the list of giveaway winners.

TechLaCarte Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 2020

Enter to win yourself a $2 Amazon Gift Card voucher code for free!. Participate now! & win free amazon gift card code.


Win a $2 Amazon Gift Card!

TechLaCarte Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Winner Announcement Board!

trophyThis Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 01 August)
userTimmeka SimmonsChicago, United StatesEmailed
userLorraineDavao City, PhilippinesEmailed
userColeen AustinSebring, United StatesEmailed
userSydney WilliamsLeague City, United StatesEmailed

To claim your prize, you need to contact us through email or facebook page.

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trophyLast Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 18 July)
userKovy KentChicago, United States

August 01 Giveaway waitlist winners!

Waitlist Winners – Waitlist winners are actually not the contest winners, but we will announce them as a winner. If a giveaway winner fails to claim their Gift card.

userLazar MilovanovićBatinac, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userTănase GabiBaleni, RomaniaWaitWaitlist
userJasper JazarenoCagayan de Oro, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userMariaAthens, GreeceWaitWaitlist
userAvniVienna, AustriaWaitWaitlist
userAtahan TopcuDubai, United Arab EmiratesWaitWaitlist
userThijsKoudekerke, NetherlandsWaitWaitlist
userAlex NguyenMontreal, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userLlexerQuito, EcuadorWaitWaitlist
userCarlos SanchezCiudad Obregón, MexicoWaitWaitlist
userمازن الجهنيJeddah, Saudi ArabiaWaitWaitlist
userJomel Arcilla CidroBacolod City, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userFraserSydney, CanadaWaitWaitlist
userMohammad AmineMeknes, MoroccoWaitWaitlist
userThibautSchirrhein, FranceWaitWaitlist
userJezian RosalesBaliuag, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userAhmedCairo, EgyptWaitWaitlist
userOrlandoBarranquilla, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userBenjamin KleinleLauingen, GermanyWaitWaitlist
userCyril Mark BoniaoCebu City, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userLuckasTemuco, ChileWaitWaitlist
userSantu SahaLohapur, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userMartin ToledoTuxtla Gutiérrez, MexicoWaitWaitlist
userBenito SánchezLima, PeruWaitWaitlist
userTasnim AminCairo, EgyptWaitWaitlist
userColynFort Worth, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userJay SharmaBhopal, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userJonathan BarcenasFort Wayne, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userAnishammadoucheEl Tarf, AlgeriaWaitWaitlist
userJosueAlajuela, Costa RicaWaitWaitlist
userPaul CollotAjoncourt, FranceWaitWaitlist
userDevang ShedgePune, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userEduardo MorgadoTuxtla Gutiérrez, MexicoWaitWaitlist
userMaria JoseItaguei, ColombiaWaitWaitlist
userRomir BakshiDubai, United Arab EmiratesWaitWaitlist
userLesego MurwaJohannesburg, South AfricaWaitWaitlist
userKolter DixonLehi, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userMarcosManagua, NicaraguaWaitWaitlist
userOvoke FelixLagos, NigeriaWaitWaitlist
userAhmadSrinagar, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userDaimonaNaperville, United StatesWaitWaitlist
userAndres EscobarAmbato, EcuadorWaitWaitlist
userSamiTangier, MoroccoWaitWaitlist
userSaathvik SutarHyderabad, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userKiss ÁkosMaglod, HungaryWaitWaitlist
userJ Barnabas SwithanThoothukudi, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userSasaBelgrade, SerbiaWaitWaitlist
userAditya DhulapRatnagiri, IndiaWaitWaitlist
userArnel G. GarciaMandaluyong City, PhilippinesWaitWaitlist
userYadhuHarrisburg, United StatesWaitWaitlist

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🎁 Prize item: $2 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Terms & Conditions

👉 Contest Ending Date: 15 August, 2020.

👉 Available Gift Card Regions:  Currently we support purchasing Amazon gift cards from the selected regions. Please refer with the below given Country list and amazon store urls to make sure if our giveaway will work on your region.

Region Country Domain
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United States
Oceania Australia
South America Brazil

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We will wait for a winner to claim their account for the maximum of 3 Days, In case of we haven’t heard anything back from them for 3 days, We will put the winner name on hold and they no longer able to claim the prize. Depends on number people fails to claim their Gift Cards. We will pick new winners from the waitlist and email them the Gift Card voucher details. 

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How to Participate in Giveaway

Who all wants to win a free Amazon Gift card by participating on our giveaway contest. They must have meet the entry requirements in order to make successful entry to the contest. If you need help, just follow our step-by-step guide on making a successful entry.

1. At first login to our giveaway with Email (Recommended) or Facebook or Instagram or twitter. Now you have 4 ways to enter in the giveaway.

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In case if you are new to our website, we recommend you to also try our other giveaways: PSN Cards giveaway, weekly Netflix Account Giveaway, where 4 lucky entrants will be randomly picked (every week) and get emailed the account login details. We are also giving away spotify premium accounts for free, if you need one for yourself make sure to check on the link.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes List (August 2020)

Free Amazon Gift cards codes list is the real fast way to get your amazon balance top up by just doing copy / paste unused Amazon Gift Card Codes found below. If you are a lazy person who do not want to go on long stretches for claim your code.

You can use one of the code from our list of Amazon Gift Card Codes, We regularly update new codes every day. If you can’t get unused codes make sure to check our site in later moment to see if there we come up with the new codes or directly report us about the code that not worked for you. We are happy to help you get what you are looking for.

Voucher Code

1. SwagBucks Free Amazon Gift Cards

SwagBucks is an interesting cashback site, and also a search engine that pays you money for searching things. In addition to this, SwagBucks makes you earn “SB Points” by doing other activities hosted in it.

The aforementioned reward points are gained by performing simple tasks online. You can choose among many different ways to earn SB rewards – for example, you can watch videos, use cashback coupons, answer polls, play games and tell your friends to try the site as well. We have listed just a few ways here since SwagBucks offers a lot of different options.

SwagBucks Free Amazon Gift Cards

SB points are exchangeable for gift cards. Gift cards for Amazon are available, of course. You can redeem the points when you reach 300 SB Points to get a $3 Amazon gift card for free. With 500 SB Points, you can get a $5 free Amazon gift card, too.

If you want to get a higher amount of points, then you should focus on completing each and every offer available for you. Aiming for a high point balance would benefit you: most of the time, you can get more bucks to spend if you invest all of your points on just one expensive gift card, rather than buying a bunch of cheaper ones. For example, a $100 Amazon gift card is worth 5000 SB Points. If you spend this exact amount in $5 gift cards, you would get 10 gift cards for a total worth of $50, making it a bad investment on the long term.

SwagBucks has been among us for more than a decade. This is the best place to get free Amazon gift card codes in 2020. Don’t waste your time – sign up for free and start earning points now!




2. Ibotta Amazon Gift Card Bonus

Ibotta is another top cashback website. It has grown rapidly since it first came to the market. Ibotta rewards you for shopping in grocery stores and scanning the receipt in the app.

Ibotta Amazon Gift Card Bonus

Start earning gift cards on Ibotta is very simple. Just download the Ibotta app for free on your phone and browse through the cashback and rebate deals available from various stores. Then just go to the nearest retailer store and buy the needed product.

To claim your cashback reward, you just have to take a picture of the receipt and take out the reward as an free Amazon gift card code. Ibotta is a very powerful tool frequent shoppers – you can earn money by doing what you always do: shopping.



Sign UP Now!

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers a huge selection of paid surveys. You will earn points here by answering them. One point in Survey Junkie is equivalent to 0.01 cent – most surveys are worth between 100-200 points and take between 5-20 minutes to complete. 100 points are worth $1. The more points you gain, the more money you will earn.

Survey Junkie

Sometimes you can find surveys worth up to 1000 points, which would gift you around $10. However, most of the time you will earn 1 to 3 USD per survey. The page adds more surveys daily, but if you manage to do them all, take a break and come back later. New surveys could have been added in the last few hours since the last time you checked.

It is extremely easy to get started with Survey Junkie, and you can join their program for free. There is an important thing to note, though – you must reside in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia to be eligible to participate in the surveys.

If you are living outside the list of available countries, you could use a free VPN with the server located on one of these countries. This will allow you to to use the site and earn points.

Once you have got enough points, request for payout as Amazon gift card.


Survey Junkie


4. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another survey site. Aside from completing surveys, this page will make you play games and watch videos for extra points. You can also get points while shopping online. All the credit will be loaded in your account wallet as soon as you finish the tasks. Also, if you tell your friends to join Inbox Dollars through your invite link, you will earn $1 for every new user that signs up using that link, plus a 30% commission from your friend’s earnings.

IB dollars amazon gift cards

You can easily cash out within a month using this site. You don’t need to work extremely hard to obtain benefits, but you should be aware that you must earn at least $30 to redeem a free Amazon gift card.


Inbox Dollars


5. MyPoints

My Points

MyPoints is a good alternative to SwagBucks. You will earn bonus points when shopping via their site, just like Ibotta. After that, you can redeem the points you earned in exchange for free Amazon gift cards. You can sign up for MyPoints today and get $10 instantly on your account as a registration bonus!




6. Dealspotr

Dealspotr is a social network-like website that tries to group all existing shopping offers on the Internet – most of them are only available within the United States, and others in parts of Europe. This site will help us if we want to get a free Amazon gift card, something really essential to earn some dollars, instead of spending them.


The first thing you should know about Dealspotr is how to sign up. If you do it and complete your first checklist (this is a really basic process: verify your email address, update your profile pic, and write a short bio), Dealspotr will give you 2000 points, which is equivalent to $2. But if you sign up using a referral link and complete your checklist, Dealspotr gives you 4,000 points instead, which is equivalent to $4.

We recommend you to use a referral link instead of joining directly, in order to earn the increased bonus. FYI, if you access the sign up page using the link we’re providing, you can get the $4 sign up bonus. After this, just start earning more dollars by taking the available deals.

Every time you reach 10,000 points you can request your $10 Amazon gift card, which will arrive to your email after a couple of days.




7. Rakuten

Rakuten is another cashback site that works like the others we mentioned before. You can earn Super Rakuten Points while shopping at your favorite stores through this site. You can use your Super Points to redeem a wide variety of rewards, including Vudu codes, Nintendo codes, Amazon gift cards, and free credits and gift vouchers on some of the most popular online stores.

Rakuten Free Amazon Gift Card

Sign up today and start earning points! Currently, the site is offering $10 for just signing up on their website and making a purchase through Rakuten.




While completing the offers on sites you should listen to your favourite music on the go to keep your head cool. We recommend you try our Spotify premium app for android devices which offers the way to use spotify premium for free! With this app you can listen to anything on spotify without any ads interruption, without having Spotify premium account on the hand.

8. InstaGC

InstaGC is another very interesting site to earn Amazon gift cards online. You can win GC points by spending your time on the activities the site offers, such as watching videos, completing tasks, doing surveys and obtaining referrals. It’s an all-in-one site that brings together the things that all the other websites in the list are offering.


The best thing about InstaGC when compared with the other sites is how fast can you cash out – you can redeem your points as soon as you reach the $1 threshold. Without a doubt, InstaGC is the best site if you want a quick way to get an Amazon gift card.

It doesn’t matter in which country do you live: InstaGC is able to provide gift cards for amazon in 10 different countries around the world. Don’t forget to choose the right address suffix when selecting the amazon website that belongs to your region!




9. Points2Shop

Points2Shop is a site that resembles SwagBucks. You can earn points by doing online tasks such as playing games, taking surveys / offers, watching videos, and shopping online through their affiliate links. The Points2Shop app is available to download for free on both Android and iOS devices, so you can earn money anytime, from anywhere.

Watching videos that are too lengthy for earning points could make you feel bored, You can leave the browser tab open and use different browser tab to watch your desired things. If you want to watch movies in techlacarte we are offering free netflix accounts, Netflix cookies, Netflix mod and Hulu mod which you can use to watch hulu and netflix for free.

Just like the other sites, Points2Shop allows you to redeem your points for different kinds of rewards. You have to choose the Amazon gift card option if you want it.

Points 2 Shop



10. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a legitimate survey company that pays people to complete surveys. To participate on this site, you just need to sign up, either using Facebook or your email address.


Opinion Outpost


How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card Code?

The process to redeem Amazon gift cards, redeem codes, amazon balance top-up vouchers or digital codes are very simple by following the given steps.

Steps to follow:

1. First, you have to login to your Amazon account, click on your “profile icon” and select “Account” menu and then select the “Gift Cards” option.

2. Once there, Click on the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” button.

3. Enter the code you received (usually by email). It is usually composed of letters and numbers, separated by hyphens (for example, BZ35-HJZ1PL-MVDS4).

4. Click on “Redeem” button.

The balance will be instantly transferred to your account. The money in the gift card will be added to the balance you already had, and you can spend it right away.

The balance of gift cards is valid for a maximum of 10 years from the date of issuance. On the other hand, once you have redeemed any voucher, you won’t be able to transfer that money to other accounts.

Amazon Gift Card Generator 2020: Does it Work?

You have to be very careful with this. If you do a Google search with the words “free Amazon money”, “free Amazon gift card”, “Free Amazon gift voucher”, or ” Amazon free codes”, you will find google suggest the terms like these: Free amazon gift card generator no survey, no human verification or some sort of terms with hack. If you look through those suggestions on google you will find many of the catfishing sites.

Certain websites on the web claims to be they can generate Amazon gift cards for free. If you access such sites, they will tell you they can generate amazon gift card code for free that will allow you to add $10, $25, $50 or $100 USD in your Amazon account instantly. In return, they will ask you to enter your mobile phone number, or to complete human verification by taking a survey to finish the transaction.

Obviously, they will never send you a code that allows you to redeem a check or gift card.

As I suppose you will know, these services are very expensive and can mean a considerable increase in the amount of your bill. It is clear, then, that there is no such thing as a free Amazon gift card code generator. It is a simple scam.


As you can see, our list covers all the pages where you can win Amazon gift cards and vouchers. These pages are 100% reliable and have no cost – therefore, they are a great opportunity that is worth trying.

Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, it’s good to take advantage of certain offers and promos that can only be found on the internet. Did you already checked out our articles about free Vudu credits & Free Roblox promo codes? If not, don’t miss out our insider ways to get them on hand.

If you want to get free Amazon gift cards, do not hesitate and take a look at all the sites and apps that we have listed above. We can assure you they give excellent results. Good luck!


  1. If anyone knows how are where to get free codes let me know. I can definitely get you redbox codes all day long and as many as you want for free. Found a glitch in there system and its perfectly legal.

    • Hey bro I saw that you mentioned you could get free redbox codes all day. I was wondering if you didn’t mind sharing the glitch you found. And if you have any other way of getting free codes for giftcards anywhere else. I would appreciate it.

      Thanks man


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